I grew up in central New Jersey being the fourth child out of five. I was always the observer, the listener, the deep feeler, not speaking till after three years old. I completely understood everyone and everything around me. I was a shy introverted child often feeling out of place. I grew up like everyone else with unhealthy habits ranging from what I ate to what I thought. I was living a life from survival mode and created a life of hardship. I thought and allowed the world to happen to me not me living from my personal power and self worth.

As I had lots of painful, repetitive patterns in my life, and physical health issues,I started to realize I am responsible for my own well being. I realized a healthy soul is one in alignment with their physical, spiritual, emotional, mental bodies. All parts must be in balance to truly be healthy. I began a very deep personal journey of self discovery and healing. It was not easy, many of times wanting to just give up and live a life on the surface but I always returned to my self healing, doing the work for myself, feeling a deep spiritual pull to continue my journey and share as I went. I began to be more inclusive, more selective with whom I shared my time with, speaking with my authentic voice, and letting go of all that was not serving me.

I sought solace out in nature, hiking, listening, crying but mostly healing. I was comforted in ways I never was before and it felt safe and filled with light and love. I received messages from the natural world of answers and guidance. I was sharing myself and my experiences more through my writings. I shared without an agenda. I kept sharing and realized others were drawn to what I was sharing in relation to their own experiences. I realized I had the power to heal myself because I was doing just that.

As I followed my heart in all areas of my life, I felt more of myself then I ever had. I went to holistic nutrition school and began to eat intuitively. I gave up unhealthy habits, I enjoyed moving my body in all forms of exercise. I was realizing more of what wasn’t in alignment to my truth and my self love gave me the courage to keep peeling away more and more untruths.  I was discovering myself and it was glorious!

Self love and continued self healing led me across the country to Sedona where I currently still live. I continue to be a life student, shedding old paradigms, filling those spaces with the purity of love, sharing what’s in my heart with my connection to nature and with my inspirational writings. I realized all along I was a healer. I used to think I was just a nurturer because I am a nurse. I realized by being a nurse there is a lot of suffering that can be seen immediately with a person’s presented health imbalance but more importantly I realized it is always deeper and far more complex.

I have always felt all of our imbalances are related to the inability to cope and or have the conscious awareness of how to heal our traumas. When we set the intention and take the responsibility to heal, we will. Our Souls came here to experience the full spectrum of light and dark. It is the willingness and the trust we are all loved and can be the best versions of ourselves, always that Permanent Healing takes place. I have worked with special needs children, geriatrics, subacute care to home health in my Nursing career and I am so grateful to meet so many unique Souls on their own journeys.

I am not to judge but to understand and offer what is in my ability to assist in healing. My healing abilities are constantly expanding as I dedicate myself to living the most authentic life filled with integrity and love. I am dedicated to being of service in my work. I became a Karuna Reiki Master after having several energy sessions and experiencing the deep shifts within myself, offering me comfort, support and release. I believe in energy work and know we each are called to specific modalities of healing at specific times along our healing path. Energy healing work is never the end solution but rather the assistance along the way. It’s the strengthening of our own knowingness within that have been blocked by all our energy imbalances that says it’s not this way any longer and I’m willing to change.

As an energy worker, I offer you support, knowing you are safe and loved. I am the facilitator and witness to the totality of you and what you need and trust in the guidance that will be right for you in your session. No single session can ever be the same. I believe and connect to a universal, benevolent power as my guide, never going against free will.  I believe we are all connected and as I heal I can help others heal. As I love myself deeper I can love others deeper. If I come from my healed heart I can offer you a light to yours.

Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant


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