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An ancient proverb reminds us that only brave souls walk the human path, for the earthly existence is enshrouded in a veil of illusion. We choose. We choose our thoughts in each moment and we choose how our hearts are. Engage your heart. It’s ok not to be ok, it’s even better to be authentic. So if things are challenging you be honest about it to yourself. Let yourself be led to the solution from an open heart. It’s not a race to be spiritually advanced in whatever way that means to you, it is facing our old patterns, transforming the
self sabotage
patterns, thoughts, behaviors and bringing the light to it all, always. This is our lives: moments to fill in love where there isn’t and expand in love. Simple. Welp not always. It is important to have your daily practice and keep grounded and open in your heart so when you do not feel so rainbows and butterflies you can move through it quickly or quicker. You don’t have to make it how you are or get “stuck” in the story you are telling yourself. It’s up to you. Challenge those thoughts based in untruths that live to cluster together and grow horns and fangs and have bad breath. Ok I took it too far. 😬Love yourself. I know everyone says it but it’s true, loving ourselves is where it all is. Connections made from an open heart are only going to expand in kind so open yourself up to the beautiful, unique soul that you are and feel that love in all that you are and do. Happy L O V E DAY!

Love vibes!!!

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