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I always have something to say but it doesn’t mean I share it all the time. I’m a thinker and an observer so I like to let things brew a bit. Like you I have great days and not so great days and on both I have not posted on social media or even here on the website. I believe in sharing but also keeping the intimate moments off social media. Not everything needs to be posted. The last couple of months have really been trying. My parents car accident alone was so stressful! I work a job where I go into people’s homes, some nice some not so nice. Empaths be like shield!!! I don’t shield but do try every morning to set my heart right and say my gratitude speech to myself and my spiritual team. (Thanks) I wasn’t comfortable sharing a lot of my heart, especially with strangers. Social media or any effort to post including here, has been a ride…sometimes I’m all in it to win it and other times it’s too much for me so I step away. I have been doing a lot of thinking (no shocker if you know me personally🧠) and I’ve decided to really be mindful with all of my posts going forward. I might mess up and not do it each time but I’m ok with that too. I want to convey love and peace and offer my perspective with those intentions only. I realize one might read or many and it’s still not about that. Well sometimes I make it about that in my head, working on it! I strive for all of our egos to step down and let the Soul speak. I love that genuineness when you connect to a soul! It feels super groovy. I also realize I need to practice non judgement and just be about the allowing. I do not need to force or pull just flow. I never was a person who wanted to be around a lot of people at once. I’ve always connected with smaller groups or best yet one on ones. I realize I am not for everyone and I do not wish to waste my energy on some people and situations. I also realize I need to also mix things up and show up in different ways, meeting different people. Contrasting I suppose! I share all this because this is my new page. It’s not set in stone as to what I’ll share or when. It’s flowing too. I thank you for being here and I know we are Soul Family! I’m a healer. Healers heal and it’s unique and flowy of how it’s expressed and shared. You probably are a healer too! You do not have to do Reiki or write, you just have to believe in yourself and know what is uniquely inside is meant to be shared in its own brilliant way. We are all just practicing and learning about just being ourselves. Much love, Jenn

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  • David Amon Dahl

    Hello Jenn,

    I’ve always been a bit of a shy person so I’m grateful for the opportunity to leave a comment for you here. First I want to thank you for accepting my friends-request on Facebook. I’ve just read all you’ve written about yourself here on your web-site. I’m a Scorpio just like you and very much an Empath like you. When I was reading my heart began pounding so hard it made me nervous (not that I would have a heart attack) because I could recognize so much of what you wrote. Since I was a child I’ve always ‘escaped’ into Mother Nature to find peace, solitude, comfort and to recharge my batteries. My best meditations have been when I was deep in the woods far away from humans. In 2014 a clairvoyant told me that I originate from a non-physical universe, but that I have had previous lives as a human being and that it certainly hadn’t been easy for me. She also clarified my purpose for being here again and what to avoid so I wont repeat my self-destructive behavior. I have a very hard time learning to love myself. It seems I’m much better at teaching others how to love themselves. Just last week a Shaman and clairvoyant friend of mine asked me to try harder to let go of my past and thereby find the peace I need to love myself as I am today. I’m not really looking for advice here, I’m merely trying to say thank you for being you. I’ve studied Astrology since I was 26 and from what I can tell then your Natal Sun must be about 15-16 degrees in Scorpio the same place my Southern Moon Node is placed in my Natal chart. This could mean that we’ve ‘played a part’ in each others lives in a previous life. Of course I can’t be sure thinking logically it would mean that everybody on the planet born on November 10th shared previous lives with me. I think I’ve taken enough of your time already so I’ll stop writing now (before I write a novel to you). I just want to pay you one compliment before I leave: I love your smile, especially the way it reaches your eyes. Have a nice one.

    • Jennifer Grant

      Hello David and thank you for responding! My apologies to just responding to this for I’m just seeing it. I’ll look for you on Facebook.

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