• I have had the pleasure of receiving distant healing from Jennifer Grant at least once a month, usually more, over several months now.  She is deeply and accurately intuitive, led by her gifted empathic nature.  Her ability as a healer is enhanced both by her training as a nurse and holistic health coach, and also by her deep connection to both the power of the world around her (currently in the magical Sedona, AZ area), and the profound and beautiful energies of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki.  She has brought deep healing and insight in many dimensions, often in partnership with my own spiritual helpers working alongside her own healing guides such as Jesus and the Divine Mother.  She has brought healing in the way of visions of past life experiences, messages from my higher self, healing support for my family relationships, intuitive suggestions to support physical well-being, and empowerment from spirit to bring me into greater levels of joy, in service to my Divine life purpose.  She is a naturally gifted facilitator for healing -- body, mind and spirit, and I highly recommend her services.

    Laura Chicago, IL
  • Jennifer and I had distant Reiki sessions together and even with the experience of Reiki before I had never had a distant session. I was blown away! Jennifer is a powerhouse of a Reiki practitioner. She was able to clear away a lot of energy I no longer wanted in my field. She was also able to channel messages for me during our session which was precise and comforting. I’m grateful I met her and had Reiki with her.

    Shawn Prescott, AZ
  • I had an intuitive readings with Jennifer where she and I were face to face and also over the phone. She used tarot cards on one of our sessions. I was so pleased with the all readings. Jennifer is warm and easy to talk to. She is very intuitive and gentle in her words of what she delivers. She is very funny too, which lightened the mood at times! I love her and will have more sessions with her in the future. Thanks Jenn!

    Theresa Asbury Park, NJ
  • I met Jennifer while she was my mother’s nurse. We instantly hit it off after I found out she is from back East like we are. I remember seeing Jennifer in our town's local food store and thought how is she so fit and what is SHE eating. She would mention a few things with my mother about water and nutrition but it wasn’t till that day I asked her how she stays so fit that I found out she knows a lot about health! We talked about food and acid and alkaline which at first was all foreign to me. We had a few one on one sessions to help me alter my diet to include healthy, delicious foods. I even started drinking green juices, me the Italian guy who drinks wine and coffee only! I lost almost twenty pounds because of her help! I think she’s a gem and you would benefit a lot from working with her. Jenn I got the water in my hand right now!

    Anthony Sedona, AZ
  • Jenn has given me many distance reiki sessions over the last year and the experience is just incredible. I felt the energy flowing immediately and it was powerful. Each session builds on the last. She has a gift for finding the core of a problem regardless of which lifetime it comes from. She has unearthed the root of several issues and helped me through the healing process. Through her use of reiki and her intuition she has also helped find answers to situations when I had none. She is a beautiful soul and she is excellent at what she does. I highly recommend her!!

    Daniele Columbus, Ohio
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