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Hello and welcome to my page. I am excited to connect with you. This year i feel will be more about placing action into our desires, being seen FOR who/what we are and offer to the world and mostly about sustaining and making connections. Connections are really important. When we are processing our self healing there is both a time for inclusion but also a time to share with others. I know for myself i usually go into hibernation mode. I have made a personal goal to be more “out” there, sharing and connecting even if i feel like hiding. I am a natural introvert but i also enjoy connecting in authentic ways with others. I realize my page is geared towards my reiki services and yes that is the predominate goal for my web site but i am also going to post short little “hellos” TOO. Love is the thread to us all and i send love to you in the exact way you need it! 2018 Reiki classes will be organized shortly and posted thereafter. If you are drawn to reiki, please look into to taking a reiki class with me. I am happy to answer any of your questions!


Love and light,



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